I have heard that having a three year old is terrible. That the threes put "terrible twos" to shame. And sometimes that's true. 

My Mom, however, in her infinite wisdom (seriously, she has never been wrong!), told me three is the best.  She was right, too.

Ever since turning 3 Nora has been astounding me daily. Her comprehension of things in life and in make believe is growing, her capacity for emotional connection and compassion is expanding in breadth and depth daily.

This week is VBS for us. We are doing Group's Weird Animals. The mission for the week is Operation Kid-to-Kid, working to bring clean water to over a billion kids in India who lack safe drinking water. 

Tonight during bedtime Nora and I were talking about VBS.  I asked if she saw the kids giving their money and if she knew what that money was going to buy. She didn't. So I told her that lots of kids just like her far away in India have water that makes them sick. She said, "oh, that's not good". I told her the money at VBS is going to buy clean, healthy water for those kids. I asked her if we should give some money tomorrow at VBS. She said yes. She asked where she could find some money to give and I told her we could look in her piggy bank. She enthusiastically looked at the coins that tumbled out of the bank and counted out just the right ones to give tomorrow. 

Then we prayed. We put our hands together on the coins and I prayed. When it was Nora's turn she hesitated. I asked if she wanted me to say some words and she repeat them. She told me no, she can do it herself. Then she prayed.

Folks, she did not pray eloquently with fancy words or even with complete sentences. But she prayed with the words she had. She thanked God for making her and making the kids in India. She prayed that her money would help kids not get sick and she thanked Him for Jesus who loves us. 

My eyes filled with tears. This is why three is the best.  I'm not just proud of her, I also feel there's lessons to learn here. 

If you're not praying because you feel your words are inadequate, start praying today. I wish you could have heard Nora pray. You didn't have to understand every word to understand the sincerity of them. 

If you're not parenting your child to love God and love others because you feel they don't understand, start today. 

I can't wait to continue to watch her grow and love God more. 

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