2014 Goals and Resolutions (Part 1)

Ok, folks.  New Year’s Resolutions.  Wowza.  I made a very extensive list of goals for 2014 and was very excited about it—I even started a couple of them early.  But as I began to really work on my goals I discovered something: it’s going to be tough this year.  I’ve got several goals that require planning and preparation and several that require…Time Management.  Dun, dun, duuuuuunnnnnnnn!!!!  Ugh.  If there is one thing that I am terrible at (and have always been terrible at) it is time management.

I’m not going to put my full list of goals and resolutions in this post, but here are the tough ones.

1. Pay off Zach’s student loan.  This goal won’t crush us financially, but it won’t be easy, either.  Thankfully this action plan was easy to make and I’ve already figured up how much we need to pay each month to make it happen by the end of 2014…and it’s probably going to take till the end of 2014.  But when it’s all paid, it will be paid off about 2.5 years early!
2. Become more reliable.  I’ve never been the least flaky person you’ve ever met, but ever since having Judah my memory is jello and I have found myself to be even less reliable than before!  So I’m trying to use my appointment calendar for everything meeting/event-wise.  Here is my first time management challenge, too.  I am using the calendar so I can see what’s happening in the next several days and then I have to manage my time and prioritize my to-do list to make sure the appropriate things get finished for each meeting/event.  For example, I might remember that I have Bible Study, but I might not remember that I was bringing snack (I’ve already signed up for snack at Ladies’ Bible Study to take a baby step toward achieving this goal).  I also could stand to be a little more punctual…not like first person at an event punctual, but at least not abhorrently late.

3. Read 1 novel and 1 other book.  I’ve got an ebook from the library that I have read the first sentence of.  It’s “Looking for Alaska” by John Green.  I have recently become a fan of the Green brothers via YouTube and decided I would give one of John’s novels a try.  Now I need the time management skills to actually end up with time to read it.

4. Be a better house keeper.  Don’t get me wrong…you’re not going to sit on a dirty toilet or sleep on dirty sheets at my house.  But you probably will see laundry piled somewhere (clean and/or dirty) and dishes in the sink.  And clutter.  Now, I’m not looking to make my house a museum—that wouldn’t suit us at all—but I’d like to not have to scramble to get the house semi-presentable when someone is coming over or clean for days before someone comes to stay with us.  When we bought this house we wanted our home and prayed that our home would be a haven for friends, family and strangers.  We want to share our home with others frequently and in the current state of housekeeping we can’t do that.  So in accordance with consecrating this home to the Lord, I need to become a better house keeper.  I thought I was in good shape on this because I found a cleaning schedule that I thought seemed reasonable.  I started trying it and discovered that my options were to meet my cleaning goals or spend time with my kids and I couldn’t do both.  So I lamented over this and then got frustrated and then angry about it and then curious as to how others do it.  And then I came to terms with the big, fat elephant in the room of my life: time management.  I can easily meet my cooking and cleaning goals with a little planning ahead and choosing to prioritize my home over my desire to watch something on TV, nap, or piddle around on my iPad.  Proverbs 31 says (a lot of things that apply here, but this sums it up) in verse 17 & 27: “She sets about her work vigorously…She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”.  Oh, wife of noble character, you convict me every time!  I also read this blog post recently that really, really spoke to me: “ISigned Up For This”.  I won’t elaborate on it, just go at least skim over it. 
I’ll wait…………………………........................................................................................................OK.

Those are the really tough ones for me personally.  I’ll probably be back with the full list later (without long explanations).  Blogging has been tough for me since the New Year because…time management.  Whenever I feel like blogging there’s always something more important to do.  Hopefully as my resolutions become habits I’ll be able to blog more frequently.  I’m a work in progress, that’s for sure!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?  Goals for 2014?  What are they?  Do you set goals frequently?  Once a year?  Maybe on your birthday or anniversary?  Tell me about your goal-setting habits!

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