2013 Resolution Review

We've got just a bit over 3 weeks till the new year.  Can you believe it?  If you don't know already, I am passionate about New Year's Resolutions.  I feel like it's just a good idea to start out each new year by assessing where you've been, where you can improve and setting some goals. 

If you've never set New Year's Resolutions or you've never been successful at them, check out my Top 10 Resolution Setting Tips.

But before I finalize my goals for 2014, I want to assess my 2013 goals and how I did.

1. Read the Bible more & build my faith/relationship with Him: I made progress, so I guess this one gets the green light as complete.

2. Reduce screen time : Epic fail.  I don't think this will be on my list in the same format as last year, but I am hoping some of my other resolutions will help me reach this goal.

3. Have a healthy pregnancy: WooHoo!  Success!  I gained a healthy (but less-than-with-Nora) 25 pounds, didn't eat my weight in junk food (at least not every day) and carried to 40 weeks.

4. Have a healthy post-pregnancy: So far, so good!  I've lost all my pregnancy weight and a few more pounds, leaving me hovering right around my pre-pregnancy weight with Nora.  I managed not to get the baby blues so severely as I did with Nora.  I reached out for help with nursing during those tough early weeks and now nursing is going swimmingly.  Checks in all the mini-goal boxes for this one.

5. Give more gifts: This is an example of didn't-make-an-action-plan-so-I-forgot-about-it.  It may or may not make the list this year in some form.

6. Save Money: Check!  We both cut expenses and put some money away this year.  It wasn't a ton, but enough to call it a success.  Now we just need to make this a lifestyle.

7. Make Action Plans: I didn't follow my own advice!  My goals for 2013 weren't really too lofty, so I was able to reach several without the action plan. You'll see that the ones that were at the forefront of my mind were reached and the ones that weren't...weren't.  It's hard to forget you're pregnant (or have a newborn), we took a financial class in 2013 and my husband is a Pastor.  So it's clear which ones were easy to remember and which ones weren't.  This one goes back on the list this year.

Now's the time to get your thinking caps on for your 2014 goals! 
If you'd like, you can go back and see what made my list for 2012 and the full explanation of my 2013 goals.

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