Back Taxes and Code Violations and Water Leaks, Oh My!

When it rains it pours, amiright?  We've been in the house 8 months now and have been on maintenance mode for a while due to prepping for Judah's arrival and then surviving the first few months with him.  Zach is also in the community musical again this year and so rehearsals eat up his evenings a few nights a week. 

But we are back in the business of whipping this house into shape.  We started painting the living room over the weekend which is a whole post and adventure of its own.  We also bought the plastic shrink-wrap style window coverings to hopefully hold some warm air inside this winter.  We'll be putting those on after we finish painting, which we hope to complete this week with every minute of spare time afforded us.  With the help of Sean from our family group we have gotten the kitchen baseboard heaters working (hooray!) and it has already made a difference in the amount the furnace for the down stairs runs. 

We've had a few hang ups in the house department lately, too, as you can see from the title. 

One of the joys of buying a home out of foreclosure is that there are usually property taxes that have gone unpaid that the new homeowner inherits when they purchase the home.  New Homeowner=Us.  So we've been working on that.  Ugh. 

Wilmington also just started enforcing new residential building codes and a friend spotted a city worker taking pictures of our house last week.  So while we don't know that our house is in violation, we are expecting a letter any day now asking us to get up to code on something...or somethings.  We think the most likely culprits are the grooming of the ditch outside our fence, the holes at the bottom of our fence gate, the wiring running into our house (it is safe per the home inspector, but it is ugly and does not look safe) or the paint on our house...or lack thereof.  It was primed by the previous owners, but never painted and the primer is chipping pretty extensively in some areas.  If we get a letter requiring us to paint the house that would be a big setback in the savings account department.

Finally, the water leak.  Oh my.  We noticed a small water leak in the basement  about a week ago that only leaked when we ran a lot of water from the kitchen.  Like if we were running water in the sink at the same time the dishwasher emptied.  The glue on the PVC pipes had come undone and needed fixed.  Simple fix, we just needed to get some plumbing cement and fix it sometime that we weren't doing dishes.
Well, last night I went downstairs to throw some laundry in before heading to youth group and discovered water dripping off the ceiling of the basement onto the deep freeze and the floor.  I categorized it as a river.  Zach called it a trickle.  "Stream" is where we've landed in naming the resulting water feature.  It turned out to be a very leaky dishwasher hose.  It is probably a minor fix, we just have to figure out how to access the source of the leak to either repair it or replace the hose.

Oh, and mice.  The cat caught one the other night and kindly left it displayed on our bedroom rug for us.  Gross.  We don't think there's a big problem.  We don't hear or see them or find droppings.  There is, however, a distinct dead rodent smell in our kitchen.  It seems to be emanating from behind the dishwasher or cabinets.  We are losing love for that dishwasher daily. 

Not really.  Please don't die, dishwasher.  We don't want to live without you ever again!

So those are our most recent house adventures.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the new paint color in the living area sooner than later!

Also, the misty rain that has been coming down most of the day is starting to turn to a wintery mix and I'm hoping for some snow before the evening is out!  I would never want to skip Thanksgiving (especially since we're visiting my family in just 17 short days!), but this weather sure puts me in the mood for Christmas!

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