Judah David

I haven't posted in a long time.  If you're a friend of mine on Facebook or Real Life you already know this, but just in case there are some other readers out there, the reason is because on July 12 Judah David made his grand entrance into the world!

I was a little miserable and had nothing nice to say for a couple weeks before his arrival and since then I've been adjusting to taking care of a newborn again, learning to breastfeed, figuring out how to have two kids and stealing some sleep here and there.  So, needless to say, no blogging has been happening.  But I'm back, Baby!

Let's start with some stats.  Judah was 7 lbs 10 oz and 21.5 inches at birth.  The nurse who measured him actually looked at me, asked how tall I am (5'4") and then declared, "This is one long baby to have been inside you!".  He made it here at 2:28am on July 12, 2013.

I was having contractions all night from the 10th into the 11th.  On the morning of the 11th (my due date) the contractions were regular and even though they didn't hurt I called to check in with the doctor's office.  They told me it was a good day to have a baby and to head to the hospital.
I had been told how fast labor usually goes with the second child and even though I wasn't hurting, I didn't want to be that mom that has the baby in the car on the side of the road or at the emergency drop off at the hospital.  I also didn't experience natural labor with Nora because my water broke before contractions began so they were induced when I arrived at the hospital.  So I gave into ignorance and we headed to the hospital.  We were giddy excited.  Like wedding day excited.  That was nice because I was much less nervous this time than last time.

Labor was long and I should have stayed home muuuuch longer, but the hospital was nice, my nurses were all fantastic and they let me eat until they started Pitocin.  And then didn't bust me when I was obviously sneaking food after that point, too.  Nobody ever specifically said "don't eat", so I figured I'd play dumb if anyone made an issue out of it.  But no one did. 

As I just mentioned, I did end up with a Pitocin drip because after about 3 hours of walking the halls I'd barely made any progress.  They gave me my epidural early and I was grateful for that--if you don't know, Pitocin artificially induces contractions and produces harder, faster, more painful contractions than you would normally have in a natural birth.  So the epidural was welcome.  It took unevenly, so I was experiencing significant pain in a band around my right side, but it ended up being a good thing because I knew when to push when the time came. 

Finally the doctor and nurses decided it was time to push.  The room transformed into delivery mode and everyone was taking bets on whether the baby would be a boy or girl.  I did a "practice push" to help me remember what muscles to use and how (and make sure I could with the epidural--no problems there) and pushed through exactly 1 contraction and he was here.  So easy to deliver!

We got to hold and snuggle him, nurse him and then they cleaned him up and weighed him.  Even his first bath was in our room.  He was perfect.

Judah will be 11 weeks old tomorrow.  He loves cuddles, batting at hanging toys, putting things in his mouth, cooing and being naked.  He also loves to be outside.  He hates the swing and having a wet/dirty diaper.

I love to be outside.
This is what I look like when my pants are wet.
Nora loves him most of the time (when he's not crying).  She wanted him to sleep with her the other night and when I came into the living room the other day after leaving them there for a minute she was "reading" him a story.  They are on their way to being lifelong friends.

This was the first time she told him she loves him.