House Tour Video!

Hey, blog friends! Welcome to our first ever house tour! We closed on the house on February 26 and moved in a week or two after. We have been living in the house for a couple of months now, but clearly haven’t had enough time or money to do every project on our list. Some rooms are at a complete starting point while others are in transition and still others are nearly finished. This video was taken on Friday, May 8.

Notes on the Video:

·         Just FYI, I’m 31 weeks pregnant in this video.

·         I say that the exterior is “primed” but it sounds like I say it’s “a crime”, which is pretty accurate, too.  Our neighbors will probably throw a party when we put siding on this eye sore!

·         Sorry I’m so awkward in this video.  For someone who talks to people I can’t see for a living, I felt really awkward while doing this.  Plus, baby brain makes it really hard to form complete thoughts sometimes.

·         As you can see from ALL THE PATCHING in EVERY ROOM, the previous owners were shelving-happy.  Looking at the patch situation in each room is a good indicator of whether or not we’ve painted a room yet. 

·         The guest bedroom was not in its best form for the video.  Those beds are trundle beds, so when the room is not in use one pushes under the other to make that room not seem so tiny and cramped.  There’s also a huge box of decorations in that room eating up some space.  You’ll also notice pieces of the crib and other baby things in this room because we were in the process of painting the nursery.

·         If I look super awkward (especially in the nursery) it’s because Zach was giving me cues on what to say and I was trying to figure out what his hand motions meant. 

·         The going-to-be-bathroom is currently our paint supply closet…that’s what’s all over the place in there.  No judging—it keeps that stuff contained!

·         You may notice water damage on the ceiling in the eating area of the kitchen.  It’s old damage and the sky lights have since been fixed, so no worries there.  It all just needs painted.

·         We’ve still got some boxes hanging around as you can spot here and there in the video

·         I mention being open to suggestions on the living room arrangement.  Just last night we moved the furniture in there.  Watch for another post tomorrow with pictures of some of the projects we tackled this past weekend.

·         The patio isn’t on our list for a couple of years because it’s going to be a big undertaking.  We can’t just cap it off with some concrete or it will look exactly like it does now in a few years.  It’ll take at least 3 inches of concrete to keep it from chipping, so we’ll probably tear the whole thing out somewhere down the line and we’ll decide then if we want to replace it with more concrete, pavers, a deck or something else entirely.

·         I discovered the other day that our dryer vents out on to the patio—what bad planning!  That seems like quite the task to re-route, so we’ll be looking into that at some point.  Once we clean that patio, we’ll never be able to KEEP it clean with that vent emptying onto it like it is now.


Stacy said...

What a great house! I hope it serves you and your ministry very well! Thanks for sharing with all of us:) Miss you all!

Zach and Joy said...

Thanks, Stacy! Miss you, too!