Wowsa!  That last post was tough!  It was my first time putting a video on the blog, I guess; definitely the first time putting up a video longer than a minute or so.  Hopefully house tour videos will be shorter and more polished in the future, but we've got a while before we'll be due for another one of those. 
As I mentioned in the video notes, we got several projects under way this weekend, so I thought I'd share some of those.
First, we had a huge, unmanageable weed of a tree growing in the back yard on the edge of what used to be a koi pond.  Zach and his Dad remedied that.
Tree limbed up--looking from the patio
Same view as above, but now with the tree down
And the patio view again, but this time with the tree hauled away!
From the back of the yard, tree down
From the back of the yard, tree gone!
Well, it's still not what I'd call pretty, but it's definitely progress!  What I wasn't able to capture in the pics I took was the cloud of pollen that puffed into the air when each of the limbs came down.  It literally filled the whole back yard and looked like smoke.  I've never seen so much pollen in my entire life!  I'm so glad to have that giant allergen producer out of my yard!
Yesterday I moved Nora's play kitchen.  It was always looking really cluttered and the space on the landing above it was always collecting "stuff", so I just put the kitchen up there and it is a perfect fit.  However, I failed to think like a toddler and Nora promptly threw half the kitchen items and toys over the railing to the floor outside the bathroom.  Nothing broke this time, but it's only a matter of time.  I'll have to watch more closely and catch her while she's doing it next time and quash that game.  I didn't realize what was happening because I was cooking dinner and thought she was just banging around in her kitchen like Mommy.  Silly Mommy.

Play kitchen area before (and this is with it all contained!)
Landing before

From the great room floor after

Play kitchen after
I mentioned in the house tour video that we have a huge closet in the living room for games and blankets and DVDs.  What I didn't mention was that everything was still in boxes in that closet and it wasn't organized or useful at all.  So yesterday over lunch I got rid of about 5 boxes of stuff that were stashed in there and organized.  I don't have a "before", but here's the after.  How awesome is that closet?!

 Zach's Mom also brought our finished curtains.  Her friend's Dad is selling his house and we were able to get quite a few (16, I think) curtains for free.  They're cotton and white, so we figured there was a lot we could do to make them work in our room.  We talked about valances and dying them, etc.  Then we got the curtains up here...and they were far too short for our windows (20 inches!).  Thankfully since there were so many, Zach's Mom could splice two curtains together with a stripe of accent fabric between the sections.  It added visual interest and prevented an awkward seam.  There were plenty to cover the windows in the living room section of the great room.  Having them up helps the room look a lot more finished. 

Living room before curtains
Living room after curtains
With the help of some friends at about 11pm on Sunday night, we rearranged our living room furniture, too.  We really like it a lot better and now when our small group is over there won't be awkward seats where people can't see each other.  Above is the old arrangement and below is the new.
We've got some work to do on the TV arrangement, but we think this arrangement is the winner for the long run.  We've currently got cables run under the rug, but it should be easy to add an outlet where the TV is now because there's a closet with electric already run in it on the other side of the wall (master bathroom closet).  We're planning to mount the TV and get rid of teh stand it's on.  We may build in some shelves for the things on the stand--again not a tough undertaking because of the closet on the other side of the wall.  We'd lose a little depth, but the closet behind there is deep enough that our whole family could get into it if we had to (I'm not kidding!), so it's not like we can't spare the depth in the back/bottom of that closet.
Well, there are our little changes from the past few days.  Thanks for keeping up with our progress!

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Stacy said...

It's amazing what curtains will do for a room! Love the updates! Looking good:)