Been a Long Time...

Well, it's been quite a while since I posted last.  We've closed on our new house, done a bunch of work on it, Nora turned 2, I'm now (almost) 30 weeks pregnant, and we celebrated being at FCC for 1 year since I posted last.  And that's beside the normal, daily stuff! 

I'm currently downloading a ton of photos so I can use some of them in posts I want to write here and upload a bunch to facebook.  We're on 433 of 1211 and counting.  Eight gigs of pictures is a bunch...and takes a little while to get from camera to computer. 

I think about blogging a lot.  I still read a lot of blogs.  I think of posts I would like to write, but either the thought never gets fully developed or I just don't have time/energy/motivation to write it up and get it posted.  I was thinking back to my Xanga days and  how I used to just write whatever was on my mind without much (or any) editing or, well, thought.  Sometimes what I wrote was great and sometimes I came off only about half-cocked.  I've been trying to compensate for my crazy some since starting this blog and have wanted to keep my posts pretty even-keeled.  I'm thinking about giving up on some of that.  It's not like I'm writing for an audience of thousands or even hundreds or that my writing will change the world.

But it might change your day.  It might make you smile, or think.  It might make you not feel so alone; it might make me not feel so alone. 

So the long and short of it is that I miss blogging.  I'm not going to wait for the perfectly polished pictures (I don't even own photo editing software, for pity's sake!) or the perfect thought.  I'm just going to try and write a little more often.

Hopefully I WILL soon have some pics from Nora's birthday and some pics of the house in progress and an update on Nora's 2-year milestones as well as on pregnancy #2.  I know, I'm always full of promises, right?!  You can call this my New-Spring's Resolution: to write more.  My pictures finished uploading, so I'm going to go wade through them and see what needs seeing.  Enjoy your night!