Not-So-Terrible-Twos? I'm Calling Bull.

I've heard and read from parents I know and internet folk alike that 2 year olds get a bad rap.  "Two isn't so bad, but watch out for three" is what I keep hearing.  I know NR still has 2 weeks till she turns 2, but folks, I'm call bull.  Two is already terrible. 

I understand that it's such an awesome stage of development.  I understand that the quirks of 2 year olds are caused by their feelings and brains and language skills being out of synch.  In certain moments none of the knowledge I have about 2 year olds is comforting or makes it any better or easier. 

On top of that, I'm 5 months pregnant.  I don't know what you're like when you're pregnant, but I am bat-crap-crazy.  It's all I can do to hold my emotions together when life is going fine.  I hold on to my composure by a thin, fraying thread when NR is yelling for no reason or giving me that boneless toddler flop.  And I'm not a break down and cry kind of preggo (well, I am, but not primarily).  I am a lose my crap on you for closing the car door wrong kind of preggo. (Sorry, hubby!)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the 2's in some ways.  She's super fun most of the time and I am holding out hope that the fun will continue to grow as she develops. 

I'm just also holding out hope that there are not too many days like today where I actually have to say the words, "Nora Rose, stop the drama!"

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