Mini Update

Update on house:  there was ugly shelving on virtually every wall in the house--now there is not.  Today or tomorrow we will start to patch holes (of which there are millions). 

Update on Preggo-ness: I am 21 weeks today.  Baby G2 is quite active and even though s/he has tons of in-utero space now, s/he prefers to hang out low.  Like between my hips low.  It's weird. Zach got to feel him/her kick for the first time the other day and that's always cool.  I cannot get enough dairy.  Milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, look out--you are in my sights!  The other things I love these days are raw vegetables and vinegar (I like the veggies with or without the vinegar.  The vinegar usually ends up on veggies or french fries).  Speaking of which, my cravings with Nora were slushies, french fries (so many french fries) and ice cream.  So I'd say dairy and vegetables is a big improvement!

Update on Nora:  This is the big exciting update I wanted to write about.  For a month or so now, Nora has been pretending!  It.is.so.fun!  You can ask her questions about what she's doing and she'll tell you all sorts of things.  One day she was sitting in my desk chair and I asked her what she was doing.  She said working.  She got a teapot that sings and makes noise for Christmas.  It came with little cakes and tea cups.  She'll tell you different things she's "drinking" and pass cups out for you "drink".  Last night she was praying before "eating" her cakes.  I nearly died of the cuteness!

My family is driving up today after school/work (my Dad, Mom, and my sister's kids) so they'll be here tomorrow, Saturday and leave on Sunday.  I'm very excited.  We're going to "camp" at the new house. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I thought it was Friday for half the morning.  I'm hoping you thought it was Wednesday till now!


We're Homeowners (again)!!!

Yesterday we closed on our house, making us official Wilmingtonians! 

I don't have pictures of it, but plan to take some tonight or tomorrow.  I'll have to do it sometime when there's good light as we have 2 overhead lights that don't work and no lamps or furniture in the house yet.

We are in love--this house is quickly becoming home and we haven't even owned it for 24 hours yet!  I can tell you a few things about it and why we love it so far:

1. Tons of potential.  It's a fixer-upper for sure, but to us the potential sings much louder than the flaws.

2.  Location.  It's across from the cemetery, so there's no subdivision or gas station popping up in our neighborhood any time soon.  It's around the corner from a wonderful little local shop and our favorite pizza place.  It's walking distance from the church as well as a local grocery store, hardware, pharmacy and park.  It's less than half a mile to the Intermediate and Middle Schools.  A short distance to the elementary school and high school and all the local businesses downtown. 

3.  Space.  There's plenty of room in this house and I doubt that our family will outgrow it.

4.  Yard.  The back yard is very large and completely fenced.  There's a lot of work to do out there, but there's still plenty of safe, nice yard for Nora and her friends (as well as our youth group) to play outside.

We're bursting with excitement to start working on it bit by bit and really making it ours!  I can't wait to share it with you all!