Pregnancy 2.0

I have been putting off writing about my second pregnancy so far because I'm nervous.  I have known so many women who have had late 1st Trimester and 2nd Trimester miscarriages and it makes me nervous to be excited.  I remember feeling this way with my first pregnancy, too.  But what time and having done this before has taught me is that there are worries and fears and something to be nervous about all along the way--and it doesn't stop at birth.  So here I got with an update on Pregnancy 2.0 and some thoughts on second pregnancy.

The Stats:
  • Tomorrow I will be 15 weeks
  • Next Dr appt is 1/24/13
  • As of my last Dr appt (3 weeks ago) I had gained no weight (happy dance!)
  • Just last night as I was laying in bed I realized that my next Dr appt after the one next week is "The Big Ultrasound" appointment--It was exciting to finally feel like this pregnancy is progressing.
  • How am I feeling?:  Overall, pretty good (*see note below on comparative misery).  Over the last few days, like death after about 7 pm.
  • Emotions: Complete honesty?  A little bored.  I'm ready to get to the good stuff.  The cute baby bump, the kicking, the nursery putting-togethering and having the baby in my arms.
  • How do I look?  Not taking pictures yet because I don't look cute yet.  Just today I noticed I'm starting to get nice lines down the sides of my bump that define it as more of a baby bump than a spare tire...like on a swimsuit model, except backwards.
Like hers, but with the belly pointing out!

Second Pregnancy:
I have browsed around the internet looking for useful information about second pregnancy and have found nothing like what I'm looking for.  Mostly the info I've found says, "This pregnancy could be exactly like your first one or completely different.  Ask your doctor or midwife if you have questions or concerns."  Super lame answer.  I have looked up a couple things in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" that I couldn't remember from the first time around, but those are all nuts-and-bolts info.  I'm looking for more practical application...so here are my observations on second pregnancy (so far).

  • Comparative Misery: So since your last pregnancy you've gained some mommy skillz.  One of those is convincing yourself that you're not feeling as crappy as you are actually feeling.  It comes in handy when staying at home with a toddler or trying not to use up sick days.  It also comes in handy when you're pregnant again because in some cases you can actually talk yourself out of gagging, dry heaving and/or barfing.  This general lack of barf makes you give an answer, when asked "how are you feeling", of "pretty good--much better than last time".  In my case, while I would still say I have been less sick than I was with Nora, if I'm being honest I cannot say that I've been much less sick.  I'm just better at managing it.
  • Who is in the Mirror?:  This phenomenon is something I've just noticed in my early second trimester as I have entered the dreaded "normal clothes are doing me no favors and neither are maternity clothes" phase.  You find a wonderful outfit that either flatters or accentuates your bump as necessary and you are happy with it.  After it has been washed (or not), you pull out this go-to outfit the next week and discover that now you look the size of a house, the broad side of a barn or a compact car (you can pick).  And just like the clothes that flattered your post-baby body were not the same as the ones that flattered your pre-baby body, your favorite maternity item from your first pregnancy may not be your go-to for your second (at least not at this stage in the game).
  • Cravings:  Not only are your specific cravings probably different this time around, but the nature of the cravings may be different.  When I was pregnant for Nora I would crave something with urgency.  I would drive to Sonic and ask for the biggest orange slushie known to man--give it to me in a five-gallon bucket if you can!  Then I would drink 3 sips of it and the desire for it would be gone.  I wasted a lot of food.  This time I don't feel cravings with the urgency I did before.  I just think of, hear about or smell something that appeals to me and I'm like, "Yes, I would really like to eat that as soon as possible" and when I get my hands on it, look out!  I ate an entire jar of pepperoncinis.  I have to manage my cravings this time like you're supposed to manage bad-for-you foods when you're on a diet.  Small amounts of whatever you want as a splurge.  If I didn't, I'd ACTUALLY be the size of that compact car mentioned above by now.  Pepperoncinis were a good one to overdo.  Don't even get me started on Dr. Pepper, Nachos and Chili-Cheese Fries.

  • Emotional Response:  Your emotional response to being pregnant again is probably going to be different.  For me it's that feeling of boredom that I mentioned earlier.  It could be any range of different emotions.  As long as what you're feeling is healthy, just let yourself feel it.  There's no right way to feel about pregnancy.  Roll with the punches and be ready for the way to feel to change literally at a moment's notice.  Of course, if you have feelings of hurting yourself, your other child or the child you're carrying, considering reckless behavior, or have unconcontrollable anxiety/fears/worries, seek help now.  Horomones are crazy and fickle.  Just because you didn't experience any kind of depression or blues during or after pregnancy last time doesn't mean you won't this time (or vice-versa).  Take care of your emotional and mental health!
I hope to continue to give some words of wisdom for 2nd timers along the way.  Anyone have anything to add?  Anything you want real-world, practical answers about (1st or 2nd time)?  I'm all about keepin' it real on the preggo/baby/mama front, so you know you can count on me for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about everything you wanted to know and more!

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Jama Lenig said...

The emotional response of pregnancy was different with all three of my blessings, but boredom is not one of them. We will work out that one by getting you more piano students!