Green Lights

This morning I really needed green lights  in order to get Nora to daycare and back home to start work on time.  I got all green lights.  As I passed under each of them I said a little prayer of thanks to God who provides all things big and small and that he saw my small need this morning. 

As I passed through the main light in town I got a new perspective, too.  I thought of all those people waiting on the red side of the light.  Someone was probably grumbling about waiting.  Someone else may have been discouraged becuase they were so far back they were probably going to have to wait through two light cycles to get through.  They didn't know about me or my tight schedule.  I think the next time I'm waiting at a red light I'll imagine that someone else needs the green more than I do.  I'll be especially more patient when I'm not in a hurry.  Why do we get so impatient when there's no real pressure to get where we're headed?

I also got to thinking about other "red lights" in life.  The green light today bolstered my spirit and started my day off positively.  What "red lights" have you experienced that you need patience for?  The proverbial green light that someone else is getting could be a game changer for that person. 

I thought back to high school and when I didn't get the part in a play or a class that I wanted.  To college when I didn't get the highest distinction or didn't get the solo I worked on.  To life as an adult when I don't get the house we put an offer on, invited to a get-together or get a promotion or raise.

I have always accepted that things happen in my life according to God's plan.  But I only ever looked at God's plan in the scope of MY life.  But the "yes's" and the "no's" in my life are used to affect God's plan in others' lives as well.  My "no" is someone else's "yes".  The beautiful house that our offer wasn't chosen on went to someone who needed it more than we do, or to someone who can take care of it better than we would, to someone for whom it was a better fit. 

What green lights have made your day this week?  Are there any recent red lights in your life that you're viewing differently today?

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