Project Soy: Day 1

So last night Zach and I were talking to a friend about NR's bowel trouble.  If you're not in the know, she has trouble pooping a lot of the time, but she's not textbook constipated because her stool isn't hard.  Sorry, non-parents.  This is the stuff our conversations are made of these days.  Look forward to it.  Or add one more reason to your list of why you're not having kids, whatever floats your boat. 

Anyway, I mentioned that NR didn't have any trouble until she was almost a year old.  I always connected the start of her troubles with the same time frame that she started eating more "people food" than baby food.  But last night I realized that the start of her trouble also coincides with us starting her on cow's milk.

So project soy was born.  We had to stop at the store anyway, so we went ahead and picked up a half gallon of soy milk (at $2.99/half gallon.  What!?) and see if it affects her.  She already eats a ton of fruit, prunes and prune juice, I add flax to some foods and she doesn't get cheese, bananas or rice/rice products and occasionally gets a non-stimulant stool softener and still the problem persists.  So we're going to try out the soy for a while.  She drank her first cup of it today and liked it, so that's a win.  We've known several people who say switching away from cow's milk helped their kids in that area, so it's worth a try.  I'm hoping for miraculous results.

We bought original Silk.  Does anyone else have suggestions for non-dairy milk?  Any tricks or places to look for it cheaper?  Does Aldi ever carry non-dairy milk?

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