New Year Resolutions--It's that time again!!!

You can see my full New Year Resolution 2012 post here for my incredibly late goals for this year.  I actually thought about my 2013 resolutions a little sooner this year (two points for me)! 

Let's start with a short 2012 recap:
1. Redo the sunroom--Complete!  (unfortunately we don't live there anymore...)
2. Read the Bible more--Better than before, but made the list again this year
3. Sew something--Fail.  Not even going back on the list.
4. Stop picking my fingers--SO.MUCH.BETTER!!!  Not perfect, but I consider this a success!
5. Drink more water--Goes in shifts :S
6. Worry less about working out and eating right and just enjoy--umm...I'm pregnant now, so...success?
7. Accept things from God instead of asking for them--Semi-fail.  Kind of did it, kind of forgot about it.
8. Have some "me" time--took it off the list b/c I didn't really care about it.

Whew!  Looks like a typical New Year Resolution list, eh?  Well, here's the list for 2013:

1.  Read the Bible more & build my faith/relationship with Him--We have a daily reading plan at church and that sounds like a good place to start.  There are a lot of facets to this--I'll try to keep you updated on how it's all going.
2.  Reduce screen time--We started talking last night about how we grew up without cell phones and kids today grew up with them.  I want to strategically reduce my and Nora's screen time--TV and (for me) phone.  I'm looking forward to sitting in the quiet reading my Bible and then a magazine in the evenings instead of keeping a hawk eye on Facebook.
3. Have a healthy pregnancy--Of course there are things outside my control, but I want to be intentional about healthy weight gain, exercise practices and eating habits.
4.  Have a healthy post-pregancy--This entails healthy weight loss, caring for my post-partum mental health and working really hard at breast feeding including seeking out any help I need.
5.  Give more gifts--I want to be more mindful of people and their lives--thank yous, sending cards, get-well gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and more.  Possibly start a gift closet or tote.
6. Save Money
7.  Make Action Plans--It's not enough to set goals or to want something, I plan to make Action Plans this year to make my wants/goals a reality.

So there.  Seven resolutions for 2013. Do you set resolutions?  Have you set yours yet?  I didn't set mine till March 2012, so it's not too late!!!

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