Amazing Children

So today I had the TV on during the intro to the Jeff Probst Show.  He said something about learning to be a Dad to two "amazing" children.  It made me think of just how often I hear people describe their kids as "amazing".  It's a relatively overused word, but the more I thought about it, the more true I realized it is. 

You've never heard someone describe their kids or neice or nephew as "average", or "less-than-amazing".  That's because no one thinks that!  It doesn't matter if your child is accelerated, normal or behind in growth or development, there is not just SOMETHING, but A TON OF THINGS that are amazing about him or her. 

God made us fearfully and wonderfully.  He designed our bodies and brains in ways that mystify science.  Simply the way a baby grows in the womb, the process of birth and the astounding way that babies start learning and have instincts from day 1 is amazing.  Add to that the individual personalities, gifts and intricacies of every single person and you have a truly amazing miracle from God. 

I am always astounded by the way a human can throw a basketball into a hoop.  Sure, it takes practice and a little instruction, but you don't have to be taught it like you do math.  Your brain perceives where the hoop is, how big it is, the angles involved and sends a signal to your arms and hands to throw the ball in the appropriate arc to get it in the hoop.  Even if you miss but get close, it's still an amazing feat when you think about it!  Then take into account the way you see your baby develop the pincher grip, coordination, how to throw and catch a ball--you are watching a miracle as her brain develops!

That's just a little ramble that went on in my head today.

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