Pin Win!


I am terrible at Pinterest.  I have 50 boards, 1480 pins.  And I have accomplished about 5 of them.  And failed at about 5 of them.

But this week I had a pin win!  I pinned this recipe for pretzel rolls a few weeks ago and I've looked at it over and over, drooling over how delicious they look.

Pinned Image
Here is my "Food" board on Pinterest

Don't they look great?  Well, this week I finally decided to brave this recipe.  I've never made bread from scratch before, so this was pretty intimidating, but check out how great they turned out!
They're not as round and picture-perfect as the pinterest pic, but I was quite pleased.  They were not the easiest thing I've ever made, but their deliciousness is worth every minute it takes to make them (easily 2 hours)!  I'm letting the dough rise on my 2nd batch this week as I type this!

Truly, and I mean this--if I can do it, you can do it!  Run, don't walk (high-speed, don't dial up?) to une bonne vie for the recipe!

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