Memory Triggers

Is there something odd or small that makes you remember something in particular?

Today I was reading this article on Design Mom (my very favorite blog) about newspapers.  I realized that every time I read a newspaper I remember very clearly the dream I had as a child to write for a newspaper.  There's something about the skinny columns and the succinct stories that always appeals to me.  Touching a newspaper also makes me think of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  Every time.  Not kidding.

If I really was a newspaper writer, I think I would want to write a weekly column, though I'm not sure what I'd write it about.  I'd also like writing those feature articles that always make your heart swell and your throat tighten (you know what I mean...that description sounded more like you need an Epi-pen)

What types of things bring back memories, hopes, or dreams for you?

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