It's Fall, Ya'll!

Guess what I did today?  The temperatures have dipped, the heat has been bumped up a few degrees, the leaves are down and I put the proverbial nail in Summer's coffin.  That's right, I put away our outside toys.  The hammock has been disassembled, the little tykes slide has been brought in along with our canvas camp chairs.  It made me smile.

I was glad to spend time outside--even if for just a few minutes.  I raked for just a couple of minutes and was able to build an enormous leaf pile.  I love that crinkly swish-swish sound of leaves being raked and it took me back to memories of my cousin, Nici and friend, Katie and playing in the leaves.  One year Nici and I even went to our school's Halloween costume party as a two-headed monster dressed in a giant black garbage bag filled with leaves.  We were itchy and happy (and I think we won a prize, too).

Fall is that kind of time for me.  Happy and nostalgic.  I love the sights, sounds, smells and it only gets better from here now that Halloween has passed, we can start to look on toward Thanksgiving--possibly my favorite holiday. 

Speaking of Halloween, I'll leave you with a couple shots of our little octopus:

I couldn't improve on A Young Wife's Tale's tutorial for the costume, so you can find it here.  I changed just two things: I stuffed with plastic grocery bags since I had them on hand and instead of stitching on the eyes, I drew pupils on cotton balls and safety pinned them on.  They looked cute, but you'll notice she's not wearing her hat...she destroyed one of the eyeballs before we even got a picture.  :)

Happy Fall.  What are you thankful for on this first day of November?

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Heather said...

So cute!!! Hope she got lot's of candy!!! :)