Brain Dump

So I haven't posted in a while because I don't really have anything post-worthy. But I do have a handful of things that wouldn't make a whole post but will make one all put together.

1. Sideways keyboard: I just got a new phone for my birthday. I switched from android to iPhone which for the most part has been a good switch. However I just discovered that I don't have the sideways keyboard inside the blogger app! This is the app that the sideways keyboard is most clutch! Come on!

2. Fall fest: We just got home from a week in Evansville. Last week was the annual fall festival which is an enormous street festival in town. By enormous I mean I've heard it's the 2nd largest-beaten out only by Marsi Gras! We ate tons of greasy, overpriced food that made our stomachs hurt...it was spectacular. My favorite food this year was a BBQ pork topped baked potato. My other staple is a tenderloin, which did not disappoint this year. What did disappoint? The fact that I am apparently allergic to Evansville. I have sneezed and snorted all week long! We've been home 3 hours and I already am starting to feel better. Crazy! The other best thing about fall fest is seeing everyone. Evansville isn't a small town, but you always see lots of people you know (and for us, haven't seen in a long time) and it's great to catch up.

3. Marathon: I'm getting really excited for the Chicago Marathon. Unfortunately, I will be at church the entire time it's going on, so I'll miss all the coverage. I'm excited to see what I can on the news later. I don't know why I'm so excited. I don't follow running or run myself, but I am. Being so near the city is really exhilarating and I think I'm just picking it up.

4. House: We found a house we're interested in. More interested than I care to admit. I hope it's not crumbling or moldy or on a fault line or the bottom of a volcano or something. I'll keep you updated as things progress.

5. Winter clothes: So we thought we'd only be in this rental for a few months when we moved here. Well, here we are a few months after those few months and its getting cool...pretty cool...tomorrow when we leave for church weather.com says it'll only be 31 degrees. That's Fahrenheit. On October 7. Guess what we don't have at the rental? Coats. Except Nora--she has an OK one. Layers it is!

That's my brain dump--any thoughts? No? Well, then, have a happy Sunday!