Hey there!  I'm still alive, how about you? 

I wish I could blog at the speed of my thoughts.  I'd post 5 times a day!  But I can't.  Here are some highlights.

1.  I hate election years.  I know, I know, it's SO important to vote.  Whatever.  I'll just be glad when it's all over and TV is normal and facebook shuts up about it.

2.  Zach is currently (like, as I type this) auditioning for our community musical.  I hope he's having a blast!

3.  Parenting just keeps getting more and more interesting.  Every day brings a new thing to think about.  I know every parent feels this way, but she is just so smart!  She's starting to want to use the potty, beginning to learn colors and practicing picture/name association of her extended family members.

Lounging on Deigo while she reads at the library

4.  I taught my first piano lesson tonight (well, the first in several years).  It was fun and he's going to catch on really quickly.  I want to teach much more.

5.  Tomorrow is Friday and that makes me really happy.

6.  My friend Cheryl, Nora and I spent the holiday weekend at my Parents'.  It was relaxing and really fun.  We just hid away with my family (except for a trip to McDonald's and the park) and hung out.  My neices gave me a pedicure (ages 10, 11 and 12). 

7.  Do you ever go back and watch videos or listen to recordings of you doing things in your past and realize that you were not as good as you had thought?  Yeah, that happened this weekend.  Let's just say in college I was NOT all that and a bag of chips.  Haha!

8.  I seriously love being a parent!  Every day is so much fun and a new adventure.

NR's first pony tail!
9.  I seriously love being a wife.  My husband is awesome and he is still easily my best friend.  I just love being around him, being loved by him and loving him.

10.  I love our teenagers at FCC.  I haven't had all that much chance to connect with them, but I already love them dearly and have many things on my heart about them and for them.  God wants big things for FCC's youth and I just pray that I can help encourage them to come into close relationship with Him so they can follow His lead.

Ten is a nice, round number, so I'll leave it here.  What have you been musing about lately?  Have a nice night!

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