Go Cats!

OK, if you're not family or close friends you probably won't want to read this (and maybe not even then).

We had a great night tonight with our little lady at the local high school football game.  At the first game of the season the team was woeful, but NR was obsessed with the cheerleaders.  She stood at the fence and clapped and yelled, "Go!".  It was adorable.  The cheerleaders were enamored by her.  After hearing about it, Zach's Mom made a little cheerleader uniform for her to wear. 
My miniature cheerleader

Tonight was the first chance we had for her to wear it to a game.  We got her all dressed up and took her to see the cheerleaders.  This game was epic--it seemed like half the town was there!  Nora loved the cheerleaders and they thought she was adorable in her miniature uniform.  The team was better, too--apparently they haven't lost a game since that first one.  We left at halftime and the score was 58-0!  Insane!  What does the coach of the losing team say in that locker room???  I asked if there was a mercy rule in high school football!  (There's not). 

To make the evening even better, the Illini band was there and played at the beginning and at halftime.  The band was HUGE and they looked and sounded great! 

A little blurry, but Nora clapped and patted Daddy's head with the drums!

The Marching Illini

To top it all off, the cheerleaders were sweet enough to take a picture with Nora!
Nora and the WHS cheerleaders! (Sorry they all have eye glare!)

She played with friends and made new friends.  She climbed all over underneath the bleachers and cheered with the cheerleaders and the crowd.  It was a blast!  She was pooped and happy when we got home.
She decided the ground was a good place to chill when she got tired.

So there's our awesome night!

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