Awww, Poop!

This morning we all slept in a little later than usual due to a VBS-induced coma.  I was sitting at my desk getting ready for work.  Nora walks in at 7:57am smiling and carrying a stuffed animal.  I greet her and lean down to give her a hug. 

When I put my cheek against her head, I feel that it is wet.  Wondering why her hair is wet first thing in the morning, I pull back and look.  What do I find there?  Poop!  Poop matted in her hair!  How?  I still don't know!  98% of the poop was in her diaper.  1% on the bed and 1% in her hair!

Mommy shudders.  I immediately took her in and cleaned her up, but instead of putting on a fresh diaper, I stripped her down and started some bath water.  Oh, and washed my face. 

Then I walked into the bedroom (with NR trailing behind--I didn't leave her alone with the bath water) and said to Zach, who was wishing he was still asleep, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Nora needs a bath before daycare.  She had poop in her hair."

He got up and gave her a bath and got her ready and I timed in to work 2 minutes late.  So goes life with a toddler, I suppose!

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