The Importance of Pictures

I've always been a picture taker.

When I was a kid going to camp, there was never an exposure left over on my disposable camera, and boy did I think I was hot stuff when those cameras started coming with a built-in flash and 27 exposures instead of 24!

I got my first "real" camera the summer before 4th or 5th grade when I took a photography project for 4-H.  It was a Kodak 110 camera.  If you don't know what in the world that is, here's a picture:

That's when I learned to load film--how old school is that?!  My had a camera at one point that you had to wind yourself when the film ran out--no auto-rewind in those days!  I got my first digital camera as a high school graduation present.  Now I have my "pocket camera" (a Kodak Easy-Share M1063 that slips easily into any bag or pocket for everyday use--and as a bonus, it's purple) and my "nice camera" (a Cannon Rebel T1i). The camera on my Samsung Captivate phone is pretty good, too, despite not having a flash.

I have boxes of pictures from my childhood and teen years both taken by others of me and that I took.  I have thousands of digital photos from my college years.  Candids of family, friends, acquaintences and the occasional stranger. 

The pictures have tapered off, though, over the years. Now and then I'll get a wild hair (hare?) and take a bunch of pictures, but sometimes even special occasions go photographically undocumented by me. 

Then the other day I was reading a blog called Marriage Confessions where the blogger's dad died suddenly.  I feel very sad for Katie and her family, of course, but the thing that struck me were the pictures in her post.  She had so many candid, every-day shots of her dad with her kids, smiling, golfing.  I realized I don't have enough pictures of our family.  I need more pictures of our parents with Nora.  I need more pictures of my nieces and nephews and our cousins.  We need pictures of our new church family and pictures of Nora with her friends. 

I read a blog called On Just A Couple Acres where one of the blogger's goals is to take a picture every day and she shares them weekly.  I am going to try to take at least one picture every day.  I probably won't share them weekly on here (partially because I am the WORST about uploading pictures and partially because I try to avoid putting other peoples' kids on the internet), but I am going to do my best to take them. 

Both cameras are charging up right now and I've already got my shot for today--rain falling from the gutter (it's been gently storming all morning). 

What pictures are important to you?  Which ones do you need to be more intentional about taking?


Awww, Poop!

This morning we all slept in a little later than usual due to a VBS-induced coma.  I was sitting at my desk getting ready for work.  Nora walks in at 7:57am smiling and carrying a stuffed animal.  I greet her and lean down to give her a hug. 

When I put my cheek against her head, I feel that it is wet.  Wondering why her hair is wet first thing in the morning, I pull back and look.  What do I find there?  Poop!  Poop matted in her hair!  How?  I still don't know!  98% of the poop was in her diaper.  1% on the bed and 1% in her hair!

Mommy shudders.  I immediately took her in and cleaned her up, but instead of putting on a fresh diaper, I stripped her down and started some bath water.  Oh, and washed my face. 

Then I walked into the bedroom (with NR trailing behind--I didn't leave her alone with the bath water) and said to Zach, who was wishing he was still asleep, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Nora needs a bath before daycare.  She had poop in her hair."

He got up and gave her a bath and got her ready and I timed in to work 2 minutes late.  So goes life with a toddler, I suppose!