The Battle of the Hair.

And then this happened:
Please excuse our delightfully oudated bathroom--it's a rental!

After over a year of pixie and nearly-pixie hair, I put a little twist in the front of my hair.
I had my hair grown out a little longer than it is now until a couple months ago when I went into my hair appointment (the 1st one in our new town) planning to tell her to just stack the back and leave the length everywhere else…and instead told her to “do whatever”.  And she proceeded to give me the exact haircut I had been growing out for 6 months. 
It was OK, I like the haircut, but I was just ready for something new.  So here I am, “growing it out” again (I put that in quotes because I haven’t had my hair longer than my shoulders twice in my life).
I’m ready to have my curly hair back and this was a milestone today!

...But I am already considering going to get the back stacked...I don't think I can survive the mullet stage of growing it out!

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Stacy said...

Good luck!! I've "grown mine out" multiple times in the past few years. There's always a few awkward months where it literally has to go in some sort of ponytail every day, but the end is worth it. Then again, I always chop it off again...lol