Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Nora went to the zoo today with daycare, complete with a dolphin show!  It’s times like these that I realize I live near a very big city.

I have logged more miles on my bike in the past week than I did all of last year.  I love being in a small town where I can ride pretty much anywhere I go.  Nora loves to ride along, too.
This is the first time Zach and I have both been employed full-time since getting married.  I had my normal Friday-between-pay-days ball of anxiety in my stomach this morning.  I pulled up our bank account, nervous to see if we would have anything left after we pay our rent and our babysitter today and found enough to pay some other bills.  I am so excited to pay off some bills that have been looming over us for a while over the next couple of months!
Next week is laundry week on the blog.  Don’t miss homemade detergent, line-drying and folding/putting away strategies!

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