Laundry Week Day 3: 5 Tips for Folding and Putting Away

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If you're anything like me, you often end up with a ton of clean laundry and feel overwhelmed at the thought of folding/hanging it and putting it away.  I've got some tips for that!

1. Set the Stage: I always make my bed first. This gives me lots of space to organize and make piles.
2. Open the Drawers: If you have a drawer of clothes that don't get folded (read: underwear), go ahead and open the drawer so you can just toss in the clean items.
3. Make Piles: On my bed, I make a pile of clothes that go in the first drawer, a pile for the second, a pile for the shelf in the closet, etc.
4. Hanging Around: If you have the time (and space) and your loads of laundry are this organized, go ahead and put hanging clothes straight on the hanger as soon as you take them out of the dryer.  Then take them immediately to the closet.  If you don't, it might help to save them for last in their own pile till everything else is put away.
5. Baby Steps:  This is the most important one for me!  Instead of dumping everything out in a giant heap, take it one basket at a time.  Fold an entire basket of laundry and then put it away before you even look at the next one.  If I try to fold all the tshirts and then put them all away at once, I end up with three half-full baskets of laundry strewn everywhere from fishing the tshirts out.  Going one basket at a time helps me keep my sanity.

Do-able, right?!  Tomorrow I'll show you an awesome folding system I use for our unruly tshirt drawers!  Until then, have a lovely sleep and a blessed day tomorrow!

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