14 Month Update

Holy Moly!  Where is the time going?!  Nora is 14 months (actually, 14 1/2 months) old and boy, is she growing fast!

There's hardly a hint of a baby in her anymore--yikes!  She is definitely looking and acting like a toddler more each day.  Since the last time I posted she started day care.  I was apprehensive, of course, and sad that I can't stay home with her, but it has been the best thing for her!  She cried when I dropped her off for the first week, but after that she was always ready to get down and play or at least sit on the chair and eat cheerios.  In the short time she's been in daycare (3 weeks now) she has learned a ton of words and actions--we'll get to details later.  The daycare is in the home of a woman from our church and it's just Nora, the sitter's 8 year old son and another 7 year old boy.  At first I was worried about her not getting enough interaction with kids her age, but she is doing just fine.  And she gets to spend time with kids her age at church each Sunday, so it's not like she's not interacting with other little ones.  They go to the park, go swimming, and lots of other fun activities.  Tina is totally focused on learning, so everything they do is a learning moment whether it's telling her in and out, up and down, left and right, colors, numbers--she's getting it all.  I feel like it's never too young to start these lessons, even if she is a little young for some of it.  We're so blessed to have Tina!

She will try to repeat almost anything we say.  Sometimes she does really well and sometimes not, but she at least mimics your speech pattern and tone of voice, which is hilarious.  She says "beep beep", purple, bee (and knows what it is), up, no, nah, yeah and many others.  She jabbers all the time.

--The biggest change is that she is WALKING!!!  We went to a family's house with girls who are 2 & 5 and it seemed like seeing them running around was just the inspiration she needed.  She took a couple steps that night and took more and more each day after.  She's not quite running, but she gets around pretty well! 
--She continues to get better at climbing.  She can go down the stage steps at church (2 steps) and is working on our front steps.  She climbs in and out of bed with ease. 
--She shakes her head "yes" now as well as "no". 
--She gives kisses and occasionally hugs. 
--She's still a thumb sucker.
--She comes and gets us up every morning.  My little snoozer has become an early riser--usually between 6:30 and 7am.
--She finally learned to suck out of a straw!!!  It has revolutionized our lives outside of the house!

--She will try just about anything.  She has become pickier and has an opinion about what she will and won't eat.  It changes day-to-day.  One days she's all about carrots and the next she will spit them out.  You never know.  She likes peanut butter, cheese, milk, graham crackers, cheerios, recently we've been letting her eat chips occasionally and she does well with them. 
--She is still working on the cup.  I'm trying to just give her the cups with the least guidance (no stoppers), but I worry about staining or stinking up clothes, furniture, etc.  I try to give her just a cup with a spout lid (old-school sippy) when she's in her high chair to get her used to it. 

--She is still having some bowel issues.  It's always too hard unless we assist with stool softener about every other day.  Recently it's been way too loose, but it's because she has been cutting 6 teeth at once.  She seems to be getting a little less loose today. 
--Speaking of teeth, with these six, she has 14 teeth.  It's been tough, but I think we're in for a little respite from teething soon. 
--She has been getting out of bed regularly.  Sometimes she's just being onery and doesn't want to sleep, but other times it's that she's uncomfortable.  We usually give her one freebie.  We meet any need she seems to have (thirsty, wet, needs Tylenol or Oragel for her teeth, hot, cold, etc) and put her back to bed.  She gets in trouble after that.  Don't turn us in to CPS, but she does get a swat on the leg if she disobeys.  We give her plenty of chance to obey, though.  Usually we stand near her door and if she starts to get out of bed tell her verbally to stay in bed from outside the door.  She has proven that she understands and is capable of obeying, so we feel the little swat is appropriate for her development level.
--She has also started tantrums.  I guess I should thank God that it didn't start sooner, but she has begun throwing fits and screaming.  Yowza.  We do our best to ignore it and feel no shame when she's doing it in public.  Mostly they happen when she is too tired or hungry.  Usually the time in any restaurant between sitting down and the bread or whatever getting to the table is miserable.
--Separation anxiety.  She cried every week when I drop her off at the nursery and even sometimes when I leave a room, especially in strange places like church or a friend's house.  She's a Momma's girl.

Favorites: Now for the good stuff!!!
--She loves to go down slides!  It's all she wants to do at the park :)
--She loves the water.  She kicks her legs and paddles her arms when we're in a pool.  She loves to blow bubbles in the water and doesn't mind being dunked.  She loves to wade in the river that runs through town and pick up rocks, seaweed and look at the minnows.
--She loves to pick flowers.  We can't walk anywhere in the grass without her stopping ten times to pick clover.  It is so cute!
--She loves to play outside.  She would stay outside till it was dark every night.  We try to be out as much as possible and even take picnic lunches and dinners often to the back yard or the park.
--She loves to bike ride.  Her seat is on the back of my bike and we have a great time riding together.
--She loves TV.  We have to really watch her screen time because she loves to watch Sesame Street, Dora, and recently Yo Gabba Gabba.  She dances and jabbers, points and claps along.  It's cute, but could easily get out of hand.  I'm glad she's such a big fan of being outside or it could be an annoying battle to fight.  She'll even bring us the remote sometimes.

Overall Nora is a delight. For a parting shot, here she is with her first ice cream cone.  Enjoy!

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