12 Month Update--Finally!

Well, unfortunately I still do not have birthday party pictures, but I figured I had better get a 12 month update up here before she turns 13 months!

Nora is amazing—this age is super fun! She is learning new things every day, making new sounds every day and communicating more and more!

Our big milestone is that at 12 months, 1 week, 5 days she took her first steps (that’s April 3rd)! She was walking from my friend Cheryl to me and took a couple steps, then we tried again and she took 3 and again and took 4. Of course we didn’t get it on video, but my Mom and Zach were both there to witness it, which was pretty special. She refuses to do it again. I’m not surprised, though, because she’s been like that with every big milestone. Rolling, crawling and now walking. She proves she can do it and then you don’t get her to do it again for a long time. With rolling I feel like it was 3 months! I hope that’s an exaggeration my memory is creating!

She has what I feel like is A LOT of words.
Some you can understand really well: Dada, Mama, uh-oh, duck, that.
Some we can understand: dog, cat, Dora.
Some she says very clearly, but can’t get her to say them regularly (shocker): cup, diaper, ball, book, Grandad, Puh-Puh (that’s Grandpa—the Grandmas are getting shafted in the vocabulary game).
So that’s about 14 words. Pretty good, I’d say! I would really like to work on a few specific words in the next 6 months: Bible, Jesus, Amen, Grandma. I know she’ll get them in time (and these all—except Grandma--have sounds she hasn’t used in words yet).

She also communicates and understands really well. She listens well when you tell her simple things like “no”, “that’s not yours”, “put that down”, “sit down”, etc. When she is done eating or playing with something she often puts her hands out in an “all done” gesture and she LOVES to shake her head “no”. Usually she doesn’t do it defiantly, she’s just figuring out what it means. She connects it to the word “no” and will shake her head when we tell her “no”, but she also does it often when you ask her a question. It’s cute for now.

She cruises like a champ and will walk for what seems like miles if you let her hold your one finger. She has better balance if she’s holding you with her right hand than her left.

She climbs like a monkey…she starting to be quite daring…it’s scary sometimes.

Likes books more and more

She babbles all day long and has really good mimicry of language cadence.

She is still napping twice a day (occasionally one long nap in the mid-day and occasionally 3 naps w/two short ones in the afternoon) and goes to bed around 7-8. She still sleeps about 12 hours at night (thank you, Jesus).

She points to things she wants or are interesting

She eats almost anything we give her, though she has definite opinions about what she wants to eat when. If she’s not in the mood for it, she lets you know!

Loves outside. Loves to walk in the grass (but not crawl), swing, go down slides, watch the dog, and play with toys on our front porch.

Some things she’s learned:

  • to put toys “in”—she has been taking things out, but not putting in till recently.

  • Getting Dressed. She has always been helpful in dressing her, but she is even more helpful now, even anticipates what needs done

  • She can show you her belly and head when asked

  • She still exhibits very little sense of “stranger danger”

  • She got a stuffed Curious George for her birthday. It was the first gift she opened and she instantly latched onto it. She has been obsessed with him ever since. She hugs him every chance she gets and cuddles him to go to sleep every night (and often naps). We don’t send him with her everywhere she goes, but if she’s in a bad mood or tired he always helps soothe her.

She has very few cons, but I wouldn't be honest if I didn't let you know them:

she bites me when I put oragel on her gums. We’re working on it.
Separation Anxiety—she sometimes cry when I leave the room or leave her with a sitter (even family)/in the nursery at church. It’s usually short lived, but still breaks my heart.
Bossiness—she has an opinion about everything and isn’t afraid to share it.

This is epically long, but thanks for reading. I can’t believe how big my "baby" is getting!

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