New Year's Resolutions...late much?

I know it’s the end of March and at first glance this post seems absurdly late. I’ll tell you the truth…it is. But at the same time, it’s still 2012, so New Year’s resolutions are still valid! I won’t make you read to the very bottom of this post to get the little wrap up pep-talk: if you didn’t set resolutions or haven’t followed through so far, it’s not too late! Start (or start over) today!

It’s been a few years since I set resolutions. They would have been all the common, not-thought-out, destined-to-fail resolutions. However, I set lots of resolutions this year. My philosophy was to set small goals, have an action plan, and remember that I have all year to work on them!

So…here it goes!

Here are the ones (one) I’ve completed:

1. Redo the sunroom. We did this shortly after the New Year. We rearranged the furniture, cleaned the closet and added lots of shelving in the closet and organized it. We also hung a few Ikea shelves over the desk’s new home and put all my tea supplies on them. And hung new (by new, I mean different) curtains. Of course, now we’re getting ready to move, so we won’t get to enjoy that for the full year, but hey, I can feel the pride of succeeding at a New Year’s resolution for once.

The works in progress:

1. Read the Bible more. And really, anything outside of following along with the sermon and doing church and small group work would be “more”. I had slid back a lot in this area and really needed to pick up my game. I honestly didn’t have a great action plan for this one, but Zach and I started reading a chapter a day together, so it’s a good start. I also have a calendar on my desk that has scripture on it. My plan is to read the chapter that goes along with the scripture on the calendar. Also, when we move into the new place I intend to “hide” index cards with scripture on them in everyday places. My best friend’s mom always did that when we were in elementary school and it was really cool. A subgoal on this one is to add personal study and meditation. Like I said, work in progress.

2. Sew something. Well…I tried. Does that count? I failed, but I have the whole year, right? The problem is that patterns might as well be written in hieroglyphics and French to me. I’ll get there.

3. Stop picking my fingers. I have a horrible, horrible habit. I bite my nails when I’m anxious. This is everything from work/life stress to a suspenseful movie. I also pick at/bite/tear my cuticles. It starts as a little hangnail and moves into an obsession with making sure the ripped skin is all even “so I won’t pick anymore”. However, this obsession usually winds up with the skin torn horribly. It was so bad that at the time I made this resolution the cuticles on my thumbs were torn all the way back almost to my first knuckle.

4. Drink more water. I have yo-yo’d with this one. I started off really strong and have slid back on it. I have full confidence that I’ll get back on track again. I started out carrying around a water bottle, so it was no problem. Then I stopped carrying the water bottle. I always do this. I decide to actually WASH the bottle (novel idea) and forget to carry it again afterward. This one isn’t hard for me, I just have to be aware and remind myself why I made the resolution. I like drinking water. It’s filling, it’s refreshing and it helps me lose/control my weight.

Ones I’m tanking on at the present moment:

1. Worry less about working out and eating right and just enjoy it. Well…worry less, yes. Enjoy it, no. I really want to start doing Zumba on the Kinect regularly, though. It’s really hard to come up with the time, though, because when I get home from work I feel like I need to spend all my free time with Nora. No real plan on this one, either…which is why I’m tanking at it. But the nice weather gives the opportunity for at least a walk with her in the evenings. And the eating…ugh. That’s for another day.

2. Accept things from God instead of asking for them. This one sounds pretty assuming, but let me explain. There is this song called “Battle” on the radio by Chris August. On the “behind the music” for the song, he says that he decided to stop asking God for His guidance, for his peace and start saying, “God, I accept your guidance, I accept your peace.” There are things that God has given us. It’s already an offered gift, we just need to accept it. In actuality I started off the year really well with this one, but have let it fall into the back of my mind—and that is a dangerous place to be. I need to make it something in the forefront of my mind, especially with worry about things I can’t control. I should really try putting a note somewhere that I’ll see it to remind myself.

3. Have some “me time”. Yeah, right. I already touched on needing to spend all my free time with Nora. Then I watch a little TV with my Hubby and go to bed. I’m a little codependent in that way. I really enjoy being with my family, but that doesn’t negate my need for “me time”. I should try a little every day…whatever. This is probably the lowest priority to me right now and I don’t even had a desire to make an action plan. Maybe I’ll take it off the list. We’ll see.

So there’s the list. Out there for everyone to see and harass me about. High fives for everyone who managed to read this entire beast of a post. Enjoy the end of March (and the rest of 2012)!

In other news, our baby girl’s first birthday is Thursday. Expect a 12 month update and some birthday party pics in the relatively near future. Her birthday party was this past Saturday and my entire family was in town. Our home was full and it was wonderful!

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