The Big Birthday

I want to get the events of NR's big day written up right away! Coming soon will also be pics from her party as well as a 12 month update.

This morning went as usual. Daddy got her up and they had breakfast and played. Birthday girl had a long nap from 10:30 till about 1:45. I came home at 11am for the day to celebrate. When she got up we had lunch.
I had hoped and planned for months that we'd go to the zoo today, but the weather was calling for rain and thunderstorms all afternoon, so we went to plan B. NR got a gift card to Toys R Us at her party, so we took her to pick out a toy for her birthday. We showed her lots of things and let her see anything she pointed at. It was fun and difficult because she (obviously) doesn't have the concept of "browsing". She wanted to keep everything we let her see. But we walked around for a while and she'd lose interest in most things after just a few minutes. Finally she picked a toy all on her own--pointed to it and reached for it from the cart--a snail that has a mirror and rolls and plays music if you breathe on it. She never lost interest. By far, though, her favorite thing was playing on the beds. They have several toddler rooms set up and she loved climbing on the beds and plopping in the pillows and crawling back and forth up and down the bed. She was really cute.
After Toys R Us we wanted to give her a chance to burn off some energy and play in a different setting than at home, so we went to the mall and played at the kids' play place. I cringe a little every time I even lay eyes on that place--it's like I can see the germs crawling on it, but just like everything else so far, I just tell myself it's building her immunity and wash her hands afterward. :) She had an absolute BLAST! She crawled, cruised, and climbed, climbed, climbed! She is a little monkey!
Then we came home and she napped some more before eating, playing on her Dora rug and headed to bed in her new jammies, hugging her Curious George.
After she went down I did something that was very bittersweet. I washed and sanitized her bottles. They're ready to be put away. We are keeping one out for now and she gets one bottle of whole milk in the morning. It won't be long until they are gone for good. She's just growing up so fast!
All in all, it was a great first birthday!

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Stacy said...

It goes too fast!! Glad you were able to enjoy her special day:)