I'm a Goodwill shopper and proud of it. We've nabbed many the awesome find there over the years. Today I made my first trip there with NR in mind. I had to wade through a bin of clothes, but came out with some cute things. We are going to the beach in March and I've had my eyes peeled for some warm-weather things. I snagged some warm weather and some now-weather items. I got:
1. A cute 2-piece summer outfit. One of those with shorts and the apron-style top.
2. A sun hat that looks brand new inside and out
3. A pair of purple cotton tights with ruffles on the booty.
4. A long-sleeved t-shirt
A little oxyclean and a run through the wash and they'll be good as new! I'm really excited about my finds today. The best part? All 5 items came to a total of.....drumroll please.....$2.14!!!!!!! Why buy new?!

I'm also a fan of some local secondhand/thrift shops, Once Upon A Child, yardsales and hand-me-downs. The clearance rack doesn't hurt my feelings, either.

How about you? Are you a thrifter, or can you not bear putting something on your little one (or you) that you don't know where it's been?
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