So...it's official. Our daughter will eat anything.

When Nora woke up from her nap this afternoon she just couldn't wait for Daddy to make her bottle, so I handed her a cracker that I was eating. Salsa & Sour Cream flavor. Somewhat spicy. She ate it without a second thought.

This evening we took the gift card we got for Christmas and went to Bonefish. Nora had her mum-mums while we waited on our food. Then she ate a jar of squash while we ate our bang-bang shrimp. I didn't offer her any simply because it was a little chewier than I thought she was ready for. When our entree came out, she HAD TO HAVE SOME. She was so funny. So...parmesan and pecan crusted rainbow trout? She probably ate a third of mine. Steamed green beans? Loved them, crunchy, ends on and all. Spaghetti squash? She ate more than I did (I didn't care for it much, but Nora was in love!).

So not only does our kid eat anything you'll feed her, she also apparently has a hollow leg. Is there such a thing as an almost-ten-month growth spurt?

Btw, stay tuned in the next few weeks for some 1st birthday party plans...I bet it'll be the first time you've seen this theme...
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