10 Month Update

Our Girl has had a huge few weeks!

On January 9th, she started clapping for the first time. Once she figured it out, it quickly became a favorite activity of hers.

Then that weekend we left her with Grandma and Grandpa G. and she started waving. She gets on rolls with waving. She’ll wave to everyone in the room at one point in the day and then the next time you’re around people she won’t wave at all.

On Sunday at church (22nd—her 10 month birthday) she would put her hands on her head when you asked, “Where’s Nora’s head?”. She did this several times for the women in the nursery, but it hasn’t stuck, so I don’t think she really knew what the question was or how to answer it, just realized for a few minutes that when they asked that, she was supposed to touch her head.

Last night (still the 22nd) she started responding when you ask “How big is Nora?” by stretching her arms way up so we’ll say “So big!” She has done this pretty consistently both yesterday and today and enjoys the game.

This afternoon we were playing with a ball and I was talking to her about it and told her it was a ball. She responded with “bah”. Later, I showed her a different ball and after I said “ball”, she repeated the same word, “bah”. I am relatively convinced that she is mimicking me and is starting to pick up on what a ball is and trying to say it.

Tonight she was walking with one of the guys at church holding her wrists and he helped her get her balance and she stood on her own for about 5 seconds.

I also noticed after dinner tonight that her 8th tooth finally broke through (this one was tough). It’s her bottom right tooth, just to the right of her center two.

She has also started pretty convincingly saying “bye-bye”. She says the same thing that sounds pretty clearly like it whenever she waves. Tonight she was crawling around the gym at church and she crawled over by the exit and waved and said “bye-bye” to everyone leaving. Tons of people saw and heard it and we were all laughing at her send off.

She is a huge cheese for the camera. I can hardly get a candid shot of her because as soon as she sees a camera (or my phone turned sideways, for that matter), she cheeses it up!

She cruises everywhere and has no problem switching from one piece of furniture to the next, turning around or anything else. She is a major explorer, crawling under and behind all kinds of things and from room to room. She no longer cries when you put her down and walk away, she just follows happily along.

She eats anything you’ll give her and we’re starting the process of weaning from bottles. She is doing great with the sippy, but still ends up with a wet shirt.

We can’t keep socks on her and bows are impossible these days.

When she smiles really big or laughs you can see her teeth and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Most days after she gets up and eats, she and Daddy play and rough house for a while and then go up to Mommy and Daddy’s bed where she cuddles in the crook of Daddy’s arm, sucks her thumb and they watch the Cosby show.

She is too tall for most 9 month onesies and sleepers.

She is sleeping well again. Occasionally she wakes up in the night, but goes back to sleep easily on her own. She hasn’t had a night that she needed us since she was sick after Christmas. She still sleeps a ridiculous amount, but sleeps well at night and gets cranky without all her naps, so we haven’t tried to take them away.

Pretty much she’s awesome and is growing up way too fast! I wish I had some more/better pictures for you, but I haven't downloaded them from my camera in a long time. Hopefully I'll catch you all up soon, if not on here, then on facebook.

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