Christmas Coupons

Remember how when you were a little kid you made coupons for your Mom and Dad? Things like free hugs and kisses when you're small, putting away the dishes and cleaning your room without complaining when you're a tad bigger are a few of the staples. Well, what about coupons for friends and family now that you're a little bigger?

I was thinking the other day about how I'd like Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics gift cards for Christmas, but then I kind of went back on that because I'd probably whittle them away with this and that and then when I had a purchase I really could have used it for, it would be gone. This is when the coupon idea hit me.

Now, you'd only want to do this with someone with whom you are very close. It would probably be awkward and/or never get used if you tried it with someone less family-like. I was thinking of my Mom or MIL. But here's the idea:

You make coupons for specific things: one free pattern, 1/2 off fabric purchase, free notions for one project, etc. and give them in a little booklet. Then, when gift recipient needs those things, either you get to shop together and split the cost, or they can just give you the receipt later (shopping sounds more fun).

This would also be great if your best friend showed an interest in something new that she wanted to learn. It would help hold her to learning that new thing if your coupons were specific. If my bestie wanted to learn to bake, I could give her a booklet with coupons for things like a free class at a local baking store, free ingredients for her first batch of cookies and one free supply item/accessory for a baking project (you know, to use for cookie cutters or cake pan/mold, etc).

I think it would be a great gift geared for best friends, older or adult children, and parents!

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