Baby Christmas Outfit

I spotted this adorable Christmas outfit at a children's boutique here in town. The problem was that it was $37. Some people would say that's not a bad deal, but I'll tell you what, for something she's only going to wear a few times all within a few weeks there was no way I was paying that! So I made my own!

This was almost no-sew and the part that we sewed was hand-sewn, so very easy! My Mom helped me a ton--she's one of the craftiest (in a good way) people I know. She gave me the bravery I needed to tackle this project (I've had all the supplies since October)--hopefully this will give you the bravery you need!
I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby. First, Mom and I traced three different glasses onto the back of my fabric. Then we cut the circles "ornaments" out and arranged them roughly on the onesie.

Then we ironed the ornaments onto some Heat and Bond. A word about Heat and Bond: read the instructions carefully! Follow them all. It is super sticky, so if you have an old/spare iron I would recommend dedicating it as a "craft iron". IT WAS MESSY. I had to clean the iron in between steps--that messy.

Then we measured and cut the lengths of Ric-rack for ornament hangers. Then we ironed the Heat and Bond onto the Ric-rack. It took some patience to cut the Ric-rack out, but really wasn't that time consuming.

The only thing left to do after that was arrange it all on the onesie and iron it all on. It was a little frustrating to get the Ric-rack to stick, but with some time and pressure, it ended up working nicely.

Next we needed to make the tutu. The tutu on the inspiration piece is attached directly to the outfit, but the inspiration piece is also a t-shirt and not a onesie. The onesie didn't make attaching the tulle directly to the outfit an easily attainable goal, especially since neither of us had ever made a tutu. So we punted, so to speak. I had an elastic headband, so we cut it down to fit Nora's waist and sewed it back together. This was the only sewing in the entire project! As I said before, we hand-sewed it. The needle on my sewing machine didn't like the rubber in the headband, and hand-sewing worked.

We just stuck the now-waistband around a coffee can and cut the tulle into strips. We folded the strips in half and looped them around the waistband and back through themselves. We did 3 strips of red followed by 3 strips of green all the way around the waistband. It ended up full and fluffy and sooo cute! I used a wrapping paper cutter made by Scotch to cut the strips. It was much faster than scissors. I didn't measure anything at all on this part, just eyeballed the first one and then measured the rest off that first strip. We got 3 strips from the width of our tulle.

...and here's Nora Rose in her super cute new outfit! She already wore it for Christmas with my family and I can't wait to put it on her for Christmas morning next week! The whole project only took a few hours, so it's definitely something you could get done before the big day arrives!


Here's one to tuck in your pocket for next year.

Well, it's December 4th, I figured it was about time to post some pumpkins! We got out to pick pumpkins this year about a week before Halloween, but then I did NOT get around to carving them. I had a really great idea for Nora's first pumpkin, too, but it just didn't happen. Check out my inspiration for the might-have-been pumpkin as well as what we ended up with on Young House Love.

Well, here are some Thanksgiving pumpkins. I did this project about a week before Thanksgiving, so the pumpkins had been sitting out on our front steps for almost a month, so I spread out a garbage bag and brought them into the living room. I was feeling inclined to do this project in front of the TV, apparently, and shunned the table. Miss Zoe decided needed to check these things out and posed for a photo op.

Then I wiped those babies off. I love our house, but man, what I don't love it the fact that living on a corner=tons of street dirt on our front porch. Check out how gross my rag was when I finished!

Then I started taping off our letters with blue painter's tape. I decided on N for Nora, G for Griepenstroh, and then Zach and I shared the third with J+Z.

I had a little helper for this part. She had been eating while I taped, but ditched the bottle for something that looked far more interesting. Maybe she'll turn out to be crafty, too.

After being satisfied with my taping job, I started painting. I just used some yellow and light brown craft paint and my fingers to cover the area around and up to the tape with paint.

While the paint was still wet, I peeled the painter's tape off. From what I understand, if you wait for the paint to dry before peeling off the tape you run the risk of the paint peeling and then you don't get clean lines. My lines weren't really clean anyway, but that was because instead of cutting the tape, I went for more an unfinished look and just tore my tape.

I tried some silver paint on the J+Z pumpkin, but didn't like how it turned out, so after a few minutes of drying, I went back through and covered most of it up with the brown and yellow.

And here they are on our porch!

Not bad if I do say so myself! Check out all those leaves--another hazard of living on the corner, they all blow into our front yard (along with anything anyone throws out the window of their car within a 3 block radius). But the leaves were nice for a fall photo op, so there they stayed!


Christmas Coupons

Remember how when you were a little kid you made coupons for your Mom and Dad? Things like free hugs and kisses when you're small, putting away the dishes and cleaning your room without complaining when you're a tad bigger are a few of the staples. Well, what about coupons for friends and family now that you're a little bigger?

I was thinking the other day about how I'd like Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics gift cards for Christmas, but then I kind of went back on that because I'd probably whittle them away with this and that and then when I had a purchase I really could have used it for, it would be gone. This is when the coupon idea hit me.

Now, you'd only want to do this with someone with whom you are very close. It would probably be awkward and/or never get used if you tried it with someone less family-like. I was thinking of my Mom or MIL. But here's the idea:

You make coupons for specific things: one free pattern, 1/2 off fabric purchase, free notions for one project, etc. and give them in a little booklet. Then, when gift recipient needs those things, either you get to shop together and split the cost, or they can just give you the receipt later (shopping sounds more fun).

This would also be great if your best friend showed an interest in something new that she wanted to learn. It would help hold her to learning that new thing if your coupons were specific. If my bestie wanted to learn to bake, I could give her a booklet with coupons for things like a free class at a local baking store, free ingredients for her first batch of cookies and one free supply item/accessory for a baking project (you know, to use for cookie cutters or cake pan/mold, etc).

I think it would be a great gift geared for best friends, older or adult children, and parents!