What a Great Weekend!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful long weekend. My parents and neice came into town and stayed with us, we had a full house on Thanksgiving and Mom and I made Nora's Christmas outfit (it is SO CUTE!). I'll be hitting you with several posts in the next several days, so watch out!

We're in teething H-E-double-hockey-sticks around here. NR is working on her right front tooth and it is being a beast. She has slept through the night since she was about 8 weeks old (please don't stone me...), but has gotten up at least once for 4 nights in a row. Bleck. Seems like all my friends with little ones about NR's age are going through the same thing, so at least we can suffer together.

We are super blessed to have several friends both in "real life" and "cyber life" who have kids about the same age as Nora. One friend from work has a daughter 6 months older than her, one couple has twins 12 weeks older than NR, there are several children at church around her age and two couples in our small group have babies a few months behind Nora. And those are all "real life" friends, not even counting people I keep in contact with through facebook!

I remember being surrounded by very close friends while growing up--from birth all the way through high school. I have two friends who I literally have known since birth. I have no memory before knowing them. There were four of us who were inseparable all through growing up--we even drove to Florida together the summer after we graduated! Even now that we're scattered all over (no two of us live in the same town anymore), they are still the friends I miss, still the friends I know I can tell my secrets to. I pray that Nora knows that same kind of friendship as she grows up and that she has the support system that I experienced.

What kind of things do you want for your kids that you had growing up?

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