Baby Update and Zach's Big Feat

It is November 15th. November 15th! What? Where has this year gone?

We've been busy around our house with baby things. NR will be 8 months old a week from today (again, what?!). She has become quite the proficient Army crawler. She scoots herself all over the floor using her hands and elbows, belly on the ground, mostly dragging her legs. She is giving the dog a run for his money!

She has had two bottom front teeth since September 7th. Sunday, November 13th, her top front left tooth broke through. Yesterday, her top right lateral incisor (the one next to the front teeth) broke through. That right front tooth on the top is not far behind, either. She's going to be eating steak before we know what happens!

She has also learned to pull up on her bed rail. Both the army crawl and the pulling up were pretty close to overnight feats. She was pulling really hard on things, and then one day she was able to stand up. With the crawling, I literally had just laughed about how she would lay on her belly and flail in "superman" position and think she was going to crawl and the next day she was scooting all over the place!

It has been so fun to watch her grow and change and learn. I think she is so smart and definitely funny! She has a delightful personality--loves people, doesn't know a stranger, always has a smile for you, loves kisses and peek-a-boo, loves animals and has a little sass about her, too!

Zach fixed our van over the weekend! It wasn't overly broken...at least to start. Several weeks ago, he changed our brake pads. Our friend Sid showed him how to do the front and my Dad showed him the back. Well, since then there has been a thump...or a knock...some kind of sound that I'm not sure how to describe going on when we would brake. Dad said it could be something with the caliper and it just needed to settle in and would stop when it did.

Well, instead of better, it got worse and was knocking from 0mph to about 30mph and then it would stop. Then, of course, it would knock again as we slowed. Zach went to take the tire off and look at the brakes again and see if he could tell what was making the noise and one of the lugs stuck. When he gave it a little more elbow grease--and weight--to get it loose, the bolt broke off! So the van became undrivable and had a new thing that needed fixed.

Well, after having our friend Sean come by and help for a while (to no avail--we didn't have the tool they needed to finish the fix) and then being rescued tool-wise by our friend Sid (he's the man!), Zach was able to replace the bolt, adjust the brake, but the tire back on and we drove on it without the wheel falling off or anything! I am so proud of him! If you don't know us personally or don't know us well, you should know this is a HUGE feat for Zach because apart from changing oil and jumping a battery, he really knew nothing about cars until the past few weeks!

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