Birthday Shout Out!

This post is a simple shout out: Happy Birthday to my loving, wonderful, amazing husband, Zach! This is not just any birthday, though, mind you. It is his 30th birthday! Unlike 29, this birthday only happens once (maybe that only applies to women...) so I wanted to give you a little run down about all the things that makes my Griep special!

In no particular order:

  1. He is my best friend. When we met in college we were part of a group of close friends that we affectionately called "The Fantastic 5". I had the privilege of sharing life with these other 4 individuals and finding the man of my dreams in the midst of it. I can remember nights sitting up in the Chapel at school attempting to study (we had the same major), but mostly talking a lot. This is when he went from being my friend, to my best friend, to the man I love.

  2. He is a great husband. He still picks me up when I'm down, is full of compliments, is helpful around the house (Really. I am spoiled). He works hard to be the leader and head of our household. He deals with me when I'm moody, hard to reign-in, mouthy and mad. He's got a way that about him that I just can't stay mad at.

  3. He is committed to God first. Yes, it's OK with me to be second to God. I guess I can take that J Zach has been the single most influential person in my adult life in my walk with God. He is always looking to be in God's Will no matter if it's uncomfortable or scary. He wants what God wants all the time. That's hard to come by.

  4. He is a fantastic Daddy. Our girl is going to be spoiled. He loves her so much and she just adores him back. He sings to her, plays with her, takes her everywhere with him, stays at home with her. She is his little pal and it's so cute!

So those are just a few reasons I love my hubby on this, the day of his 30th birthday! What makes your hubby special? Did you/are you feeling stress about turning the big 3-0? If Zach is, he hasn't really let on!


Looking for a Laugh?

This is the funniest blog I have ever read! Please go check it out. I literally sit at my desk on my lunch laughing out loud when I read it. It's that good. It's called "Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures". I think of my sister every time I go to this site. She could be the author (not saying she can't draw...she's quite the artist, actually). So, Jodi, make sure you check it out!