Weekend Craftiness: Hairbow Hanger

We have a little girl, so we have hairbows. It’s kind of like “I think, therefore I am,” as in, “I am a baby girl, therefore I have hairbows,” or some such. Hairbows used to live in a little box in one of her drawers, but as the bow collection has grown and the clothes have needed more space that system was not working anymore. I saw these hangers in stores, but wasn’t about to pay what they wanted for something I knew I could make myself. Then I found a picture on Pinterest here and got inspired. It was so quick and easy, I wanted to share it with you!

First, I gathered up my supplies. I had picked up a 5” pink, glittery foam “N” at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back for this project for $1.49. As I was cleaning up our little bedroom I came across my box of tissue paper (so I could make some tissue pompoms like I saw on Pinterest here) and on the top I had tossed some zebra striped ribbon from the diaper cake one of our Church Chicks made for my baby shower. It was perfect. Then, I busted out the ‘ol glue gun. How long has it been since I was crafty like this? Well, the glue gun was under my bed with stuff from a young adult retreat I worked in January. Ahem. I got that little guy fired up and got busy.

It was as simple as putting a little glue on the back of the foam “N” and attaching the ribbon. By a little glue, I do mean a little because it is a foam letter, after all, and doesn’t stand up to the hot glue all that well. “N” was a tricky letter because it doesn’t have a nice chunky spot on the bottom middle to attach the ribbon to (like the letter S or C or B or E…you get the idea). Since I would be attaching to the slanty, middle bar on the “N”, I made sure one edge of my ribbon was attached directly to the letter, leaving a little triangle sticking up over the middle slant. Then I just folded the triangle over and tacked it down. You could also just trim the excess off. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that till just now.

The bottom of my ribbon was already “finished”—it was folded over and stuck with some double-sided tape from it’s original job as a diaper cake decoration. I would recommend this just for a cleaner look. At the very least I would singe the bottom with a lighter to avoid it coming unraveled (as long as it’s not ribbon that’ll go up in flames immediately—grosgrain works well to singe).

My letter had four little sticky pads on the back, so I just peeled, eyeballed where I wanted it on NR’s closet door and stuck!

Then we clipped the ribbons on—I told you it was easy! My ribbon was really wrinkled looking, but it was wire ribbon, so a lot of that wrinkliness went away with the weight of the bows.

I chose to use a shorter ribbon than the ones you see in stores simply because we don’t have a million bows and I can see NR ripping it off the closet door if it was in her reach. If we aquire more bows than the ribbon can hold, I’ll just pull it off and attach a new ribbon. Since we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl till NR got here, this is one of the few truly girly items in her room. I’m looking forward to “girling it up” more as she grows, but for now this makes me smile!

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Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Oh, girl! I'm heading to Hobby Lobby NOW, and I already have some ribbon .... this looks great!