Losing the Baby Weight tip: Pants (ones that fit!)

I've been trying to lose weight for the past few months, needing to knock off the last 10 (troublesome, stubborn) pounds of baby weight and would like to drop a few more beyond that.

I have been working pretty hard at it, but it's slow going, so in the meantime I've been wearing a lot of dresses and elastic waist skirts to get by until my regular pants fit again. The problem is that the weather is starting to change here in southern Indiana and my breezy, elastic-y wardrobe keeps me just a little too cool most days. So I started trying out some of my old pants. I could wear them, but they were not flattering and most certainly not comfortable!

I don't know about you, but being squeezed to death, stuffed like a sausage in too-tight pants all day DOES NOT make me motivated to work out or eat right. When I'm feeling really fat, I actually have less motivation and feel a little hopeless about the situation.

So I mentioned at my small group a couple weeks ago to keep an eye out for size "x" pants because I don't want to spend money on pants that I'm hopefully not going to be able to wear in a few months. My dear friend Katie came through for me! She had just gotten rid of a bunch of clothes in my size, but a friend of hers had lost a significant amount of weight recently and was getting rid of hers! She brought me a whole box of free, new-to-me clothes! Thankfully, a lot of them were work attire, also, which was exactly what I needed!

Long story short, ladies, if you're in the middle of your journey, don't hesitate to ask for help! Send out a shout out for what you need via social media, church, small group, work, family, friends...wherever you are around people! This way you won't spend a fortune and then feel guilty for only being able to wear the clothes for a month or two. You also get the great benefit of the motivation that comes along with feeling like you look good!

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Adrienne said...

Love it when that happens! Go you! And keep up the good work!