Drying Dishes

So my Mom calls me the other day (I know when you use the word “my” before “Mom” the word is no longer a proper noun and shouldn’t be capitalized, but I just can’t bear not to capitalize “Mom”. She reads, after all!) and has a wonderful (and hilarious) suggestion. If my dryer wasn’t in the basement, I’d be all over this. She and I are in a similar kitchen predicament: no dishwasher. She tells me a very sad tale in which she does ALLLLLLL the dishes from the past couple days by hand and no sooner does she finish them than my Dad (same grammar lesson…) comes in with ALLLLLLLL his plastic ware from his lunches the past week.

I would have cried.

But my Mom, being much less of a weenie than me, washed all the plastic ware. Her least favorite part of the process is drying all those little nooks and crannies under the lip and the creases in the lids. That’s everyone’s least favorite part, right? And really, who has the counter space to spare to air dry that stuff? Not me. And not my Mom.

This is where the genius idea came in. Mom’s laundry area is just a few steps from her kitchen sink (in the next room, on the porch). So she gathered up all her wet plastic ware, walked to the dryer and tossed ‘em in! I laughed at this point and asked if it all promptly melted. She said no! She put the plastic ware in the dryer on high heat for about 5 minutes and it call came out perfectly dried, no melting to be seen (even the cheap stuff and the recycled cottage cheese containers, etc)! I was amazed!

So if you have the luxury of your dryer being close to you kitchen sink…go for it! Mom even said it was quieter than when you have a pair of bibs (where the metal button catches clank all around) and definitely quieter than a pair of shoes.

Hope this gave you a laugh…it’s funnier every time I think about it…and maybe some inspiration!

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Stacy said...

Hysterical! I'm surprised I never did that. We finally have a dishwasher since we moved into our new house. Those days are no fun!