Still no DIY progress in the Griepenstroh world. Lame.

In other news, I have been working out regularly (3-4 times a week) for 4 weeks now, and I've officially gained 3 pounds. What's up with that?! Totally unfair.

We took NR for her first bike ride yesterday! We love biking and have missed it a ton. Until yesterday it had been 10 months since I was on a bike. It was nice to be reunited with my old friend, Trek. Nora fell asleep on the ride. It was cute. Her little head was bobbing like when you fall asleep and your head falling forward wakes you up a little. Then we stopped in some shade and took her out of the seat to nap on a blanket in the grass. Too cute!

Hopefully I'll be feeling ambitious when I get home tonight and we'll do some fun work. I just have a hard time getting motivated to paint, craft, and generally DIY when I come home and see those sweet cheeks on my baby smiling up at me! At least the house is clean, thanks to my wonderful "house husband"!

Have a nice weekend! Stop by again!

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Jamie said...

If you are nursing maybe check to see if you are eating enough (especially on days when you are working out). Nursing alone burns around 500 calories, so if you are working out too you may need to eat just a little bit more. Just a thought.