Oooooh, Aaahhhh

Oh, Fireworks, what fun you are! We had a fabulous 4th which included visiting with good friends, setting off our own fireworks show, seeing two more fireworks shows, and lots of good food (more on that in another post).

Unfortunately, it also included staying out late two nights in a row, which was code for disaster for Nora's schedule. I call Nora a "free range child" because we follow her cues for food, sleep, etc and she is not overly scheduled. We can count on a nap in the morning and at least one in the afternoon, but she's not consistent on when or how long. No comments on our parenting style, please. If the lack of schedule is a bad idea, it'll turn around and bite us. :)

The one thing that is scheduled at our house is Nora's bedtime. She goes to bed between 6:30-7:30 most nights. Her lack of scheduled naps hasn't really messed with this. Then she's ready to get up around 7 in the morning. Well, staying out late does mess with it.

The first night we were out, we expected to be out late, so we brought along the swaddler, pack n play and her twilight turtle so she could keep some semblance of her routine. It looked like it was going to work. She got tired, got fresh pants and wrapped up, ate and went to sleep. However, she couldn't stay asleep in the foreign environment with all the unfamiliar noises. She we wrestled and after several attempts to lay her down, I ended up holding her (asleep) for a couple hours. When she started snoring, I figured it was safe to lay her down, and she did stay down that time, but it was 10 or so before she got layed down and stayed down. Then when we left for home at almost midnight, I had to go get her, "transplant" her into the car seat and load her up. Then we drove home (about 30 minutes) and had to get her out and lay her down in her own bed. She has slept through the night for well over a month now and that night she needed me at about 3:30 when we were up for about an hour and then slept till about 8:30.

Then on the 4th, we went over to a friend's where we ate dinner at around 6 (dangerously close to bedtime). She took a late nap and then was wide awake for most of the fireworks (which she loved). She slept for most of the stroll back home (we walked to the friend's and then on to the fireworks) and went right to bed. She slept pretty normally that night.

Then yesterday, after a weekend of insanity, she finally melted down. She was cranky late in the afternoon and fell asleep hard at about 5:30. I decided she was down for the count and probably just needed to make up some lost sleep, so I wrapped her up to put her down. She woke up while I was putting her in the swaddler and then we had about 3 rounds of Nora vs Mommy before she finally gave in around 7:30. Then she was up and wanted to eat at about 1:30 and was ready for the day around 4 this morning. ugh.

The goal tonight is no late nap, bed at our normal hour (at all costs) and hopefully to get back on schedule. Wish us luck!

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