One of Our Favorite Things...

I was looking at our blog and saw that the tagline says "these are a few of our favorite things". I realized I've never actually written about our favorite things, so here's one: The Evansville Otters.

In the summer, Zach and I love to go to Evansville Otters baseball games. The Otters are the local minor league team, playing in the Frontier League. They are terrible.

Their quality of play in no way affects how much we love them. They are still fun to watch, and it's only $5 for tickets. Sometimes they have fireworks (regardless of whether they win or lose) and always bring kids out onto the field between the top and bottom on innings to play a game and win a prize. The food is also really good at the stadium. Another plus for the Otters is that their field, Bosse Field, sits on Garvin Park. Garvin Park has a fountain, lots of mature trees, a walking/stroller path, fishing, shelters and the Greenway Passage (a walking/jogging/biking path that is several miles long and connects...or will when the next phase of it is finished...downtown to the north side of town) runs right along it.

The Otters give us someone to cheer for and a connection to our community. They are definitely one of our favorite things!

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