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I haven't posted in quite a while, but I feel like there's been nothing worthwhile enough to blog about. I'm working this morning, but I made a mistake and finished all my projects during the regular work week, so I'm basically just waiting for the phone to ring.

I am 38 weeks pregnant today and I am feeling pretty good. Each day is different. One day I feel like I can't physically move at all and then the next I feel like I could walk miles.

Today we are attending the 2nd birthday party for our dear friends' son, Ezra. We are very excited. We have a lot of friends who have children a year or two older than our first child will be and it is always fun to watch them grow and develop. They are all different and SO good at all different things! We have two friends who have little boys, Graham and Ezra. Graham turned 2 in December and Ezra turned 2 this week. I have decided that shopping for a 2-year-old is really tough, though, because at least with these little boys, the toys rated for 2-year-olds are a little too "baby-ish" for these boys.

Maybe these are very normal things for 2 year olds, but both boys have their names in letters on their wall and both boys can point to the letters and tell you the name of the letter and that it spells their name. Ezra amazes me at recognizing people and places. When they drive by our house, Ezra knows it is our house! When he looks at pictures on the computer screen saver, he names everyone. I am most impressed with the fact that he is learning instruments and not just what sounds they make, but also who he knows that plays each one! When he hears drums he can name friends who play the drums! Graham always surprises me when we visit with them with his imagination. Last time we were over he had put a baby gate against the wall and was kicking a soccer ball into it and he thought that up all by himself. He also has a microphone stand that he was playing like a trombone! Graham's dexterity always surprises me, too. His motor skills are so much better than I expect a 2 year old's to be!

Long story short, we love our friends' kids and it doesn't hurt that they're "working ahead" of us, because we have some reliable people to look to for help and advice! It's always nice to get advice from family and parents, but there's something special about getting advice and encouragement from people our age who we identify strongly with who are living through raising little ones today. Big shout outs to Stephanie and Steven and Adam and Sarah! There are lots of people out there to get advice from, but these are special couples that I think our personalities and parenting styles are enough alike that we can really depend on them!

We started having a small group over to our house on Thursday nights. It has been such a cool time! It's blessed me to see how much of a connection God builds between people through something so simple. We are currently doing the "Basic" study by Francis Chan. It was both a little scary and perfect that the very first week we met, the study was a big kick in the pants! There was no time for mincing words or small talk, we had to dive right in and that turned out to be a great thing for the whole group. I'm really excited to see where God takes us and the group, it seems to have great potential!

That's about the extent of exciting things for now. We are waiting with great anticipation for Baby G to make his or her debut. If you have a little time to read a blog or listen to a podcast, check out www.playdatecrashers.com (you can also find them on facebook). It is a fun blog and podcast made by our friends Jamie and Krista. I just finished listening to podcast #16. The whole website is DEFINITELY worth checking out for any young parent or parent-to-be!

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Krista from The Playdate Crashers Podcast said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Joy :)

I'm glad you're feeling well! I'm so excited for you guys!!