Hey everyone! I just wanted to post a few pictures on here to give a little overview of what's going on with us!

Here's a picture of our new house (sale still pending). We've been pouring over paint colors and options and pricing for adding at least a half bath. We'll see how that all pans out. All and all we're really excited to be so close to the church and to finally be living on the side of town where we've been called to minister.

It's funny how God works and not so funny how sometimes we fail to listen. Ever since our internships ended we've been asking "Where are we supposed to go next?" When nothing panned out the way we thought it should, God placed St. James West in our path, so Zach took the position there as the Music Minister. We've been immensely blessed and love the people there--they are like no other church we've even seen! We've been saying, though, "Man! How are we ever going to find another church with people like this when the time comes?" We've been praying and struggling about that for about 2 years. Then, after Christmas and sensing our unrest, my Mom wrote me a note and encouraged me to TRULY seek God and His will for our lives. We prayed together about it and when Lent came around this year we each took time to really seek God and fast and pray and listen. The result? God said, "You keep asking where I am sending you, and you've been there all along." The whole time we were trying to flee Evansville, God was saying "Stay". So here we are (or rather, here we will be) at 3000 Marion Ave. Turns out we were just on the wrong side of town (you West Siders ought to love that statement).

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